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Lorraine’s Services

Intuitive Healer

Trained by mentor Bobby Runningfox in all forms of healing. Using the basics of the Cherokee tribe with modern day healings is an intuitive way to heal the body when you understand the mind is how your illnesses are created. I will also use the Spirit doctors and dentist and replace organs in the Etheric body where required and your body is able to accept the organs.

Masseuse & Body Healing

The body talks to me whilst massaging and allows me to work with you on what you are going through and then using the power of the mind to release the programming out of the body, which in turn releases the pain in the body’s cells and organs. Have your body aligned 100% to the source and chakras’ balanced.

Disclaimer: This is not to take the place of the advice of a medical practitioner only to offer assistance in releasing the mind patterns that created the illnesses, in whatever way you interpret it. All therapies are designed to be complementary to conventional medical treatment and have no contraindications.

Soul Coaching

“The Soul Loves the Truth” This life changing 28 day programme, takes you on an inner journey to remember the purpose of your current lifetime. How to find what you truly want to do, in this life time using Past Life Regressions to release blockages and incorporating vision boards and other fun ideas! Take a Soul Journey to meet your spirit guide or helpers.

I am qualified Soul Coach and Past Life Regression Therapist, having trained in California with Denise Linn. I will lead you through a day by day process to find your soul purpose and it will only take between 20mins to 1 hour daily whatever you want to put in and no pressure if you miss a day as long as the intent is there you will make huge changes in your life during this time and ongoing.

This program can be done on line one on one or in a group or in person, see our schedule of events for Lorraine.

Past Life Regression

Travel back to past lives to reconnect with life skills, remove blocks, heal relationships and then move forward in your current life with a lighter load.

Lorraine may refer you to your GP, Consultant or other health professional if appropriate, and reserves the right to refuse treatment if she feels her services are inappropriate.

House or Office Clearing

If you are moving into and new house or offices have it cleared before you move in. If you are having trouble with the energy in your current locations allow us to clear & check it for identities. Some of the things you may be experiencing are: Children crying in the night, sleeplessness, things moving in the house (it is not always your imagination).

Card readings are for entertainment purposes only, and responsibility for interpretation rests entirely with the client.